Snoopy aka: Snoop Daddy Hancock

Snoopy was leased to us in October 2021. He is a big goofball and loves treats of any kind. Snoopy has become one of our best independent trotting horses and kids learn to post the trot on him because he is so smooth. While Snoopy is not very patient and does not like standing still, he is happy once he gets put to work. In the second photo you can see that after only two weeks with us, Snoopy participated in our first annual FUNdraiser Horse Show in October 2021.



HADA Sugarman Jax aka: Rhylee is a 14 year old AQHA gelding. Rhylee has had quite the life! He has done hours of trail rides in Western and Eastern Washington, he's competed in a drill team, he loves to chase cows and he even rides English. Rhylee suffered a break of his cannon bone at the age of four which has created early arthritis and fusion in his hock. He can no longer keep up with his previous busy life and has been retired with us to be spoiled by our riders and have a lighter career. Rhylee loves to give kisses!



Pickles is estimated to be a 16 year old grade pinto gelding. We don't actually know what breed he is! He joined us in May 2023 needing some extra TLC and groceries. He has blossomed into a 'sweet pickle' and loves standing to be groomed. Which is good, because his mane and tail are thick!

New Horse

We are looking for our next lesson horse to join the team. If you have a horse that would be a good fit, please contact us!

Past Horses


Rest In Peace Charlie

On December 21st, 2022 Charlie had to be laid to rest due to complications of colic. He has left a large hole in our program and in many hearts including Laura, his owner, volunteers and riders. We will always cherish the time we had with him.
Charlie came to Laura in March 2017 and has slowly become a regular in our lesson program. Charlie is incredibly sweet and gentle, we joke that he is a large golden retriever. He welcomes everyone by checking their pockets for cookies 😉 Charlie is still young and a big goofball. He loves all the attention from the riders. Charlie's favorite thing is to get head or ear scratches. We sincerely hope he loves working with Empowering Strides as much as we do!



Unfortunately Jax had to retire in September 2022 due to chronic pain from his injuries. He is living the good life with a member of our Board of Directors.
Jax joined us in March 2021 after a career ending injury to his front left foot. Jax was a great family horse doing parades and learning to barrel race. His family thought that he would be a perfect fit for our program with his calm demeanor and they were right. Jax is very forgiving and puts up with all of the games we play in lessons. He quickly became the favorite of many riders and volunteers.

IMG_1804 WP_20150520_14_11_19_Pro


Fred, thank you for always keeping our riders safe and teaching everyone you met a thing or two. We hope you enjoy retirement!
Scamper Brand, aka Fred, has had a long and very successful show career. Fred has well over 1k points from different associations he is a western pleasure machine! In Fred’s spare time, he was the Pacific Northwest Reining Horse Association’s rookie horse of the year (many years ago), he sorts cattle like a fiend, and even is an accomplished jousting horse. There is not much left that Fred has not done. Fred has taken the scared and nervous riders and given them confidence; he has taken the accomplished riders to the winners circle. Fred is the epitome of a “been there, done that” horse with many years left in him to teach others.



Rest in Peace Grace

Gracie began battling lameness in February 2023. We battled for four months with our horse care team to try and make her comfortable but ultimately she was diagnosed with degenerative issues in her left front leg and we made the heartbreaking decision to lay her to rest the end of May 2023. We are eternally grateful for the incredible impact Gracie had on so many riders and volunteers during her time with us.

Grace was a wonderfully unexpected addition to our program when Empowering Strides moved to Pomeroy Stables. Grace was owned by Rachel Pomeroy and the Pomeroy family. In December of 2019 Grace officially became an Empowering Strides horse. Grace is a 20 year old Appendix Quarter Horse meaning she is part thoroughbred and part quarter horse. Grace stands about 15 hands and handles all our riders from big to small. Grace has been an invaluable part of our program, she enjoys all the hugs and cuddles from her riders.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Rachel Pomeroy tragically passed away in January 2017. Rachel was attending WSU and looking forward to dedicating her life to being a nurse. Rachel was very happy that Grace was helping out with Empowering Strides and the Pomeroy Family has given the blessing for Grace to continue being used in our program. RIP Rachel.


Rest In Peace Sweet BeBe

BeBe joined us in December of 2019 after retiring from breeding. BeBe is a Morgan standing about 14.2 hands tall. While BeBe was not used as a riding horse for most of her life, she has the perfect demeanor for our program.

With great sadness BeBe was diagnosed with Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis in Fall 2020 and ultimately the Board of Directors along with our veterinarian made the hard decision to humanely euthanize BeBe before the pain became unmanageable.

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