Meet Gretta and Ryder

This week I went out to Bedlam Farms and spent some time getting to know Gretta and Ryder. I spent a couple of hours grooming and handling each horse to assess their temperament and usability for our program.

WP_20151008_18_19_56_Pro  WP_20151008_18_43_08_Pro

Let’s start with Miss Gretta. What a lovely mare! I’m a firm believer that horses are sentient beings. After just a short time with Gretta it’s apparent she handles herself like an elegant lady. Everything was easy with Gretta, she seemed to know what I wanted before I wanted it. I’m very excited to have her for our program!


WP_20151008_18_57_03_Pro  WP_20151008_19_09_23_Pro

Oh Ryder. This guy knows he is handsome! He was more than willing to stand for a good grooming and boy, did he need a good scrub with a shedding blade. This guy knows how to grow some major hair. Ryder is not nearly as mature or dignified as Gretta but he is such a cool guy and I’m sure he will have many fans with his good looks!



We’re Live!

Finally, the secret is out! Empowering Strides was publicly launched on October 1st, 2015.

It’s been a rough few weeks trying to keep this all quiet while hurrying to get everything finished in time. Our website will continue to be updated and improved as we go. If you have any comments please feel free to share! October will be an equally busy month as we complete administrative tasks and marketing before lessons start on November 4th. So stay tuned!