I am so excited to announce that we have received a grant from Jordan Fund that will allow us to offer scholarships to cover the cost difference for rider’s with DDA/DSHS funding.

The payment structure for our services does not adequately cover our cost and therefore, I have been unable to accept riders with DDA/DSHS funding. This grant has given us the opportunity to cover that gap and allow us to accept some riders!

Our Board of Directors has decided that we will divide the grant to give three different riders a scholarship for ten lessons each. To qualify for this scholarship you must have funding and available hours. Your case manager will have to confirm this before any scholarship money is used. As well, the Jordan Fund requires that this grant money be used for children with ‘permanent and significant’ disabilities.

Applications will be closing on Wednesday, March 20th.

To apply for a scholarship follow this link to our Google survey:


To learn more about the Jordan Fund visit their website:


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